Science & Testing

Since 1996, Diamond Seal Systems has been at the forefront of cleaning technology development. We pride ourselves in developing effective, environmentally safe solutions for a variety of applications. People demand innovative solutions to common problems and that’s where we deliver answers. Please take a moment to learn more about The Science of Clean™…the technology, the testing, the data, the performance.

Nanotechnology and The Science of Clean™

What is nanotechnology? Why is this important when cleaning? Click below to learn more about the protective treatments from Diamond Seal Systems and how they bond to treated surfaces forming a long-lasting clean, Forever Brilliant™ Surface.

The Glass Misconception

There are some common misconceptions about glass coatings – and the main one is how they are sold…with grand expectations! Customers are told that they do not have to maintain their coated glass and/or the glass will not scratch. Well, that is a stretch of the truth! Learn More…

Testing Documents

Read the results from various independent laboratory tests conducted on Diamond Seal Systems protective treatments.

Antimicrobial Testing Sheet

Antimicrobial Gen 10 Efficacy Data

DSS Protective Treatments Testing Sheet

Solar Pane Testing Sheet

Product Information Sheets

Product Information Sheets offer more thorough and in-depth explanations of some of our most popular products.

Diamond Blue Wash

Diamond Luster


Gen10 Antimicrobial

Material Safety Data Sheets

Please read our Material Safety Data Sheets that provide the technical and scientific information to learn even more about our various products.

Diamond Blue Wash MSDS

Liquid Diamond MSDS

Diamond Daily MSDS

Hard Water Stain Remover MSDS

Diamond Shield Stone Sealer MSDS

Stone Sealer Pro MSDS

DiamondizeXP MSDS