Product Solutions

Professional Grade

Since 1996, Diamond Seal Systems has been providing technology-based sealing and cleaning solutions to the professional. Whether you’re a manufacturer, fabricator, or installer of glass, metals, stone, or any other hard surface, one of our products will give you the perfect result and a leg-up on the competition. Please learn more about our advanced line of products designed specifically for professional applications.

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Consumer Grade

Diamond Seal Systems offers a wide range of product solutions to clean, restore, protect, and maintain a variety of surfaces. Use our products and experience The Science of Performance™!

Clean & Restore

Bring surfaces back to life and reverse years of damage. Remove water stains and oxidation from a variety of hard surfaces with our complete line of restoration products.

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Seal & Protect

Ensure long-lasting protection against water staining, mold, mildew, and pathogens. Our products bond to the molecular structure of the surface to stop oxidation and corrosion.

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Preserve & Maintain

Keep every surface residue free and forever brilliant with our maintenance products. Environmentally friendly, co-polymer formulas clean without soap or surfactants.

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Create antimicrobial barriers protecting against viruses, algae, bacteria, and fungi. Using a chemical-free kill, these water-based solution inhibits germs on treated surfaces.

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Designed for maximum performance, our line of accessories are used to apply a variety of Diamond Seal Systems products. Use on multiple surfaces for best results.

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Complete Kits

Solve all your cleaning challenges with our integrated product kits. It is the simple 1-2-3 solution to clean, protect, and maintain your surfaces and keep them forever brilliant.

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