Seal & Protect

Ensure long-lasting protection against water staining, mold, mildew, and pathogens. Our products bond to the molecular structure of the surface to stop ongoing oxidation and corrosion.

Liquid Diamonds Protective Treatment

Protective coating for glass, stone, granite, marble, travertine, metal, fiberglass, paint, plastic, and vinyl.

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Diamond Shield Stone Sealer

Protective coating for marble, limestone, granite, travertine, slate, sandstone as well as for manufactured stone such as concrete.

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Green Revolution Cleaner & Sealer

The Green Revolution cleans, shines, and protects a variety of hard surfaces including marble, granite, tile, stainless steel, fixtures, glass, wood, and vinyl.

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The Monster for Auto, Boat, & RV

The Monster cleans, shines, and protects all hard surfaces for automobiles, boats, RVs, and airplanes. Formula produces a long lasting shine!

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