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New Products! Advancing the Science of Performance™


Diamond Seal Systems offers the best in nanotechnology coatings for architectural surfaces and our three new releases are better than ever! These are professional grade products designed to make surfaces harder, smoother, and last longer when compared to non-treated surfaces. In addition, the surfaces are easier to maintain giving you the peace of mind that your investment will be protected for years to come.


Please learn more about the advanced formulas and revolutionary technology behind the Diamondize XP, DXP10, and DSS Reactive. We are excited to show you why Diamond Seal Systems continues to provide the industry leading solution for glass and metal surface treatment.

The Science of Clean™ by Diamond Seal Systems


Since 1996, Diamond Seal Systems has been at the forefront of cleaning technology development. We pride ourselves in developing effective, environmentally safe solutions for a variety of applications. People demand innovative solutions to common problems and that’s where we deliver answers. Please take a moment to learn more about The Science of Clean™…the technology, the testing, the data, the performance.

Diamond Seal Pro


Become a Certified Diamond Seal Systems Dealer/Applicator! We offer a very low start-up package that includes full training, supplies, literature and products. With a wide range of industry leading product offerings, you will find the perfect product for you specific application.


Call us today at 1-877-234-9452 or learn more about the program. We hope to become your business partner and bring you The Science of Clean™. Thank you for your interest in Diamond Seal Systems and we look forward to hearing from you!

Project Gallery

We have worked worked with thousands of clients bringing nanotechnology to the forefront of the sealing and cleaning applications.

Please take a look at some of our projects to see how the full line of DSS products was used to find the perfect solution for our customers.

  • We brought new life and long-lasting protection to one of the most striking cafeterias around. The Conde Nast Cafeteria in Times Square NYC was an opportunity for Diamond Seal Systems to showcase the brilliance of our products by applying them to the waving walls of......

  • We returned to our High School Alma Mater, Estancia, in Costa Mesa, California to introduce some our our latest technology. It is part of the Diamond Seal Sports line of products that applies our technology to various sports applications. We started by using the Helmet......

  • To get some of the most stylish cars ready for their big day on camera, Diamond Seal Systems was chosen to achieve that perfect shine! Utilizing our Diamondize XP, Diamond Blue Wash, along with a few other treatments, we were able to make these cars......

  • Homes on the coast have to deal with some of the harshest conditions that cause wear and tear to the home. Unfortunately, this deterioration of your home will quickly cause you to lose the beauty of your view and become quite costly when trying to......

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