Professional Grade

Since 1996, Diamond Seal Systems has been providing technology-based sealing and cleaning solutions to the professional. Whether you’re a manufacturer, fabricator, or installer of glass, metals, stone, or any other hard surface, one of our products will give you the perfect result and a leg-up on the competition. Please learn more about our advanced line of products designed specifically for professional applications.

Diamondize XP

Super hydrophobic coating for glass and glazed surfaces. It has been especially designed for glass that is exposed to high water volume such as shower doors. Diamondize XP has been accepted as the premier glass coating in the shower door industry and comes with a lifetime warranty registration.

Diamondize XP keeps glass from corroding by forming a 3-bridge covalent bond to the substrate. The product chemically reacts with silica based surfaces linking carbon to exposed oxygen at the molecular level. The carbonized surface provides permanent protection from corrosion, oxidation, and water staining.


DXP10 is a revolutionary treatment and sealer that is specially formulated for sandblasted and acid-etched glass as well as a variety of metals. These surfaces can be coated and become corrosion-free, along with being easy to clean and maintain.

DXP10 is long lasting and can easily be applied in the shop or in the field. The formula reduces fingerprints, corrosion, and oxidation while making cleanup much simpler and less frequent. It protects, shines, and maintains the surface all in one step. DXP10 treated surfaces can also be maintained with additional applications of DXP10 as needed.

DSS Reactive Pro

DSS Reactive is a UV-reactive, hydrophilic sealer for exterior surfaces. Designed for glass and metal surfaces, it is photoreactive nanotechnology coating that uses energy from the sun as a photocatalyst to break down hydrocarbons, dirt, organic matter, and other contaminants. Thanks to its photocatalytic properties, a self-cleaning surface is created.

The formulation makes the glass surface hydrophilic and therefore water just sheets off the substrate. Using dynamic TiO2 for better adhesion and strength, DSS Reactive makes the surface harder to scratch and reduces micro-abrasions. A perfect solution for exterior glass, solar panels, various metals, and even granite. Easy to apply and easy to maintain with just a rinse!

Business Solutions and Dealer Application Program

Learn more about how to make money incorporating Diamond Seal Products into your business. Get all the information you need about Our Products’ business applications and how to become a Certified Dealer/Applicator/Distributor or create a comprehensive private label product line.